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Contributed to one good Cause..

We always try to give our children best possible things for their life .. like better school, better hobby classes, better cloths..

In today’s lifestyle it is also possible to give everything what our kids want..
But have you ever thought about those children who are not so privileged to get best of their lives.. many children in rural and tribal areas are not even get proper meal…For those education is like only dream to see..

Maharashtra is 4th most rural population state. Literacy rate much more lower in these rural areas inspite of Rite to education…

We as Durgasakha recognise this problem and wanted to help rural and tribal children who are not getting enough facilities or education..

We came with unique stratagy.. in this Ganapati festival… Volunteers were approached gananapti pandalas and appealed them to use their donation box in wise way.. but how?? They suggested pandal representative to collect donations in the form of any kind of stationery … And it started working..
People donated generously.. funds and stationary collected from padals has reached to one of the municipal rural school in Naralwadi shahapur..

I was a part of this historical event.. and let me tel you guys.. it is one of the happiest days of my life seeing happiness on those innocent children.. who has passion and dream in their eyes to become someone in the future..

We also astonished by how they welcome us..
Sometimes simple Life teach us many things to remain grounded..

Thanks Durgasakha for such Noble act.. hats off to all volunteers who have made this possible and I feel proud to be a part of this event