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The feet started roaring and began to wander from the footsteps of the helpless. Gifts of Forts, Sea Forts, Bhuikot, Mountains and Peaks started going on. The neglect and the irony that tourists are making this invaluable historic record that they were wandering in the eyes and mind while enjoying it. Often, despite being face down to the eyes, it does not tolerate. Such a condition was happening. DURGASAKHA” was born from the same pain.

The organization has organized two ‘Fort Study Tours’ annually. While studying in the course of the program, history scholars highlight the history of fortresses and fortifications of fort and solve problems during Question Hour. In addition to this, women’s special durgabramana is organized. This program has been organized in the Rajgad, Raigad, Purandar, Pratapgad, Shivneri-Naneghat, Sudhagad, Sarasgad, Rohida, Chowl, Revdanda, Phansad Sanctuary, Korli, Korigad, Lohgad, Rajmachi, Kothligad,and Vikatgad. Similarly, the Mahuli Gadhari Sanitation Campaign in Shahpur is organized twice a year.

Durgaskha works through two activities. The organization has two goals, namely ‘Tourism from Prabodhan’ and ‘One step towards humanity‘. While traveling in this area we come to know the people of Adivasi community (Means Financially Poor) are also in need of help, We have helped the students of different tribal pavilions in Shahapur taluka of the Thane district in a variety of ways to facilitate their education. Durgsakha has also tried to make their education easier. In this case, We have provided the cycles to travel to various schools, educational CDs and television sets for their intellectual development, computers, student adoption plans in some select schools for computer literacy, distribution of school writing material to many students, distribution of fireworks to many students, The sum of many social activities that are allocated to the needy Is in vogue. All these activities are done by volunteers in the management of their respective responsibilities. Every year we organised Educational Donation Event in June for 2000 Adivasi Students in their particular school.

All members of Durgasakha are also working full time in their respective fields. They do not have to do a month without meeting a couple of fortresses. Of course, as mentioned above, the visit is meant to make good changes in the mindset of the neighboring communities. Good work is like a magnet, and it pulls many other good things to the Creator. To stray in the Sahyadri is also to meet Adivasi People living on his shoulders. Therefore, the new generation of tribals should not be deprived of a good education so that the students of the Tribal Padaas helped them in many ways, and in order to facilitate their education, Durgakshana added a sentence in their goal so that ‘one step should be done to humanity’.

Every year Durgasakha adopted50 students (students from below poverty line family) from Shahapur District and it also allocates about 2500 students in a yearly educational material.

In the village of Dhasai, a few small and retired young people started a small library despite a small village. Up to 25000 rupees books have been given to the library in Durgaskhana. These books have been collected from the house by several rooks. It is like this, recognizing the path of ‘Durgasakha’ movement of Shivprayami, co-operative and nature-loving youth who have struggled for the upliftment of the society by taking care of your private occupation.

Durgasakha is followed by tourism and awareness of the gathering and gathering of the miscreants and putting together one step to humanity.

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